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A Big Lottery grant of £475,947, for a five year project, has been awarded to The Women’s Rape and Sexual Abuse Centre (Cornwall), a well established Cornish charity providing specialist support and counselling to women and girls who have experienced any form of sexual violence and abuse at any time in their lives.

WRSAC has been delivering a wide range of services to women and girls in the county since 1996 and currently provides helpline services, outreach support, counselling and group work.

In 2012 they were declared overall winners from over 450 national organisations of the Kings Fund IMPACT Award for improving the health of their local community.

WRSAC were deemed to be:-

‘an exemplary organisation providing life-changing services in imaginative ways....they outshone the competition by working creatively in one of the most challenging areas of health, providing care and support for women and girls who have experienced sexual or domestic abuse.’

Maggie Parks, Chief Executive of WRSAC, said they were delighted by the grant, which meant that services to victims/survivors in the county would not have to be cut as had been feared. She said:

“In these difficult economic times the battle for funding for third sector organisations is fierce and it’s great that the Big Lottery have acknowledged the desperate need for specialised services for women and girls who have experienced extremely difficult and harrowing times in their lives."

This grant will give WRSAC some stability over the next 5 years and help us to continue to run our Helpline and Outreach Service as well as develop and deliver more in depth work for those who have suffered the impact of trauma.

Nonetheless, due to the overwhelming demand for our services this grant alone will not completely alleviate an already dangerously long waiting list for victims who require our long term support services, so the hard work of fundraising continues.  The ongoing support of our friends and fundraisers in the community is as important to us as ever.”

Rosie a current service users says

"It’s wonderful that WRSAC has received this money and to know that they will be continuing to provide me and other victims with support. As a survivor I have seen support services come and go and every time it happens it sets your recovery back just that little bit. It doesn't make sense to not provide long term funding for services when without it we are in fact prolonging the recovery of thousands and thousands of people that need stable services to work through their issues. The services that have contributed to my recovery have literally saved my life.”