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Become a friend of the Women’s Rape and Sexual Abuse Centre 

Our friends are people who understand the devastating effects that rape, sexual violence, incest and domestic abuse has on women and girls.  A small monthly donation will help us to support the thousands of women and girls in Cornwall who suffer abuse.

Why become a friend of WRSAC?

Each year WRSAC supports around 2000 women and girls in Cornwall who have been brutalised and abused.

Cornwall has above average incidents of reported domestic abuse and sexual violence.

On average 2 women are killed in the UK each week by a partner or ex-partner.

Around 23% of women experience sexual assault as an adult and around 21% of girls experience some form of sexual abuse

WRSAC has a dedicated team of trained volunteer support workers and paid staff who work tirelessly to support victims of abuse.

WRSAC exists year by year on donations and short term grant funding.

What you get from becoming a friend of the Women’s Rape and Sexual Abuse Centre

  •     We will keep you in touch with news and events at WRSAC
  •     We will invite you to our charity events
  •     We will invite you to join our campaigns and activities to End Violence Against Women      and Girls
  •     We will send you an annual newsletter

By Printing out and completing the Friends of WRSAC Form