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Become A Volunteer Support Worker

Recruitment and Training 

Each year WRSAC undertakes a series of recruitment workshops in the communities that we serve, supporting women in those local communities to become Volunteer Support Workers.

Many different women become Volunteer Support Workers at WRSAC. So whoever you are, whatever your experience, education or background we welcome you to contact us and talk to us further about this amazing life changing experience. Some of our current Volunteer Support Workers wanted to share with you Why They Became Involved.

Our work and our training are informed by feminist research and practice on the subject of violence against women in a patriarchal society.  We would expect all women to work from this value base and our training programme offers opportunity to debate and discuss a whole range of subjects, including the politics of rape and sexual abuse, pornography and the role of feminism in our working practice. 

Our training course Understanding and Working with Sexual Violence is 12-weeks long including a residential weekend and is AptEd Level 2 accredited.

After completetion of training and a six month probationary period women will be expected to commit a minimum of 12 hours a month to the centre.  This may include help-line and face to face work as well as taking part in regular supervision meetings and 6 group support sessions each year.

We offer our Volunteer Support Workers ongoing additional training in areas such as Personal Safety, Early Intervention in Psychosis, Diversity and Equality, Genito-Urinary Medicine (GUM) Clinic training.

The Volunteer Support Workers also organise many other activities including the production of a quarterly newsletters, buddy meetings, theatre trips both locally and to London, various fundraising events and campaigning work such as Reclaim the Night - Lantern Lit Walk, Newquay and the Million Women Rise event, London.

We are looking for women with energy, enthusiasm, integrity and commitment, as well as being self-aware and with a good sense of humour.  You must be committed to the idea of a women centred approach and be able to enjoy working with a group of lively and spirited women.

Our training groups take place each Spring and Autumn.  If you are interested in becoming a Volunteer Support Worker please contact our Support Services Manager or Volunteer Coordinator on 01208 76466.