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Women's Domestic Violence Support Network

Helpline: - 01208 79992

Download The Women's Domestic Abuse Support Service Leaflet

The Women’s Domestic Violence Support Network (WDVSN) delivers a Helpline and outreach service.

The Helpline currently runs on Monday evenings from 7.30pm - 10pm and Thursdays 10am – 1pm. At these times calls are answered by our female support workers. When the lines are not live we have a 24-hour answer-phone service.

Our service is free, friendly and confidential and may involve talking over the phone or arranging to meet in a place where women feel safe and comfortable.

We offer a woman centered empowerment model of support, which enables women to restore their sense of personal power.

We do this by:-

  • Creating a culture of belief.
  • Ensuring women feel in control of the support they seek.
  • Providing information, advice and exploring options, rather than encouraging particular actions.
  • Recognising both the harm of victimisation and the resources needed to survive it.
  • Encouraging women to locate blame where it belongs with the perpetrator.
  • Validating what women do to survive and their coping strategies.

As with the Rape and Sexual Abuse Support Service, The Women’s Domestic Violence Support Network works largely on a self-referral basis. However, we do increasingly receive referrals from many other agencies in this period that has included the IDVA Service, Police, Women’s Refuges, Women’s Aid, Housing Associations, Doctors, Victim Support (Suzie Project), GU clinic, Probation and Children, School and Family Services.

The volunteers also organise events during Domestic Violence Awareness Week highlighting the support service we can offer to women run by our Volunteer Support Workers.

"The meetings have been great, I have been able to talk through my experiences in a calm and comfortable way to allow me to go back to difficult times and to see how much I have changed and in so many ways. I am growing in confidence and have been supported to do so."