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The YEW Project - Young Empowered Women

Young Empowered Women (YEW) is a project run by the Women’s Rape and Sexual Abuse Centre, Cornwall (WRSAC) for girls and young women between the ages of 12-18 years who have experienced or are at risk of experiencing any form of sexual violence or domestic abuse. It is funded by Children in Need.

The aims of the project are to:-

  • Reduce the effects of sexual violence and/or domestic abuse you have experienced
  • Reduce your isolation by meeting other girls/young women who share similar experiences
  • Helping you to understand the short and long term impacts that sexual and/or domestic abuse/violence may have had on you
  • Increasing your safety through individual safety planning and prevention
  • Provide you with new skills, knowledge and experiences through creative workshops and support sessions, which will reduce levels of self blame, increase your confidence and self esteem.

We will make sure that the sessions will allow you to:- 

  • Feel secure and safe
  • Deal with the emotions that come with realising the extent of your abuse

The project will offer a range of closed group support sessions with a maximum of 12 girls/young women in each group.  The material covered will be based around your specific needs as well as those identified by the other girls/young women in your group. 

Excitingly, you will also be able to access an ongoing programme of art/creative workshops where you will have an opportunity to work with professional female artists in a range of different art forms, learning new skills and techniques.  Additionally, you will be able to access other sessions where you will have the opportunity to develop your own work independently and work towards an end of year goal for example an exhibition, website, book, performance. The choice will be yours as a group. 

If you feel you could benefit from any of the support offered by YEW contact either of our helplines and speak to one of our volunteer support workers 

Rape and Sexual Abuse Centre Helpline: 01208 77099

Women's Domestic Violence Support Network Helpline: 01208 79992

For professional referral please ring 01208 76466

To get a taste of work we have done previously with young women watch the following film called Proud: -