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The POWER Programme

The POWER Programme stands for Programme Of Women's Empowerment & Recovery.

The course runs for 14 weeks and is provided for women who have experienced sexual abuse/violence.

The course aims to break isolation and provide a safe and secure environment that enables you to explore and understand your issues around sexual violence and the impact it has had on your life. We aim to empower you to make positive changes in your life, set realistic goals, and move forward.

What Will Be Covered On The Course:

  • Your Bill of Rights
  • Exploring and Understanding Sexual Abuse/Violence
  • Understanding the Impact of Abuse
  • The Healing Process
  • Identifying Triggers
  • Accepting That You are Not Responsible for the Abuse
  • Reversing the Cycle of Shame
  • Challenging Unhealthy Patterns of Behavior
  • Identifying Healthy Relationships
  • Setting Boundaries; Ending Old Patterns
  • Understanding and Managing Feelings of Grief, Guilt and Fear
  • Understanding and Managing Anger
  • Assertiveness; Learning Assertive Behavior
  • Sexuality and Intimate Relationships
  • How Pornography Impacts Us All
  • Planning Futures Goals
  • Moving Forward From Abuse — Survivor to Thriver
  • Celebrating Change

Comments from other women: -

‘This has at times been difficult journey but I know that I have the tools to continue on my journey of healing and face the future to become a thriver.’

“ I feel like all the negative stuff is finally coming out and I can see it for what it is”, “I’m starting to understand why I am like I am.”

“This group reinforces what I already know rationally but never put in place myself. I think I can see light at the end of the tunnel.”

“I’m just the same as all of you – our experiences have been different but the effects are the same.”

‘I hope other women get the chance to attend this course. It’s so empowering and teaches you so much yourself. It also helps to build a support network.’

‘I am more optimistic, my depression has lifted. I am going out more and I am being kinder and easier on myself.’

‘I am still alive! I say NO more often and I question a lot more things, I state my opinion more often.’

‘It has shown me you can move on and that you are not alone and you are not judged. I have changed in a few ways and want to keep going up! i.e. I use ‘I’ statements which help communication with my husband I have also started to put myself first.’

‘It has changed for the better – I’m more confident. I trust more. I accept myself more. I’m more relaxed and I’ve made some wonderful friends.’

‘I am able to see to the future, put boundaries in place and am a better person. I take my time without feeling guilty and now have self-worth.’

If you are interested in taking part in The Power Programme or know someone who might be please contact Michelle on 074839949349 or 01208 76466