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Pattern Changing

Refer via The Women's Domestic Violence Support Network Helpline 01208 79992

This course was originally developed in America by Goodman & Fallon. The course focuses on the woman herself and her own power to change the course of her life.  Its goal is for women to begin to understand the problem of abuse and its realities for the entire family, to become aware of their lifelong patterns, to set realistic goals and learn techniques for developing new patterns of their own choosing.  WRSAC have adapted the programme to include more practical exercises and group work.  We have steered away from some of the jargon used in the original course material, which may have been difficult for participants to understand and we have introduced some more nurturing elements.     

The course is made up of fourteen two and a half hour sessions, the last of which is a celebration for the women completing the course.

The course aims to:-

  • Break the cycle of abuse.
  • Break patterns of behaviour which may lead you to return to an abusive partner or enter into another abusive relationship.
  • Indentify healthy relationships.
  • Increase assertiveness skills.
  • Be able to set realistic boundaries.
  • Help with parenting. 

We provide an environment which enables you to: -

  • Feel secure and safe.
  • Realise the extent of your abuse.
  • Deal with all emotions that come with this realisation.
  • Be ready to move on.
  • Develop a more positive outlook for the future.
  • Gain self worth, respect, confidence and self-esteem.

Areas covered by the course:-

  • Rights of all human beings.
  • Impact of abuse on women and their families.
  • Why it is so hard to leave.
  • Looking at the past.
  • Setting boundaries; ending old patterns.
  • Understanding and dealing with feelings such as grief, guilt and fear.
  • Understanding and dealing with anger.
  • Assertiveness training, learning to adopt assertive behaviour. (4 weeks)
  • Planning futures goals and learning how to make decisions.
  • How to form healthy relationships.

Initially referrals for these courses came from within WRSAC projects, however we are increasingly accepting self-referrals and referrals from other agencies.

Comments from women who have taken part in Pattern Changing: 

“ I now aspire to positive and healthy relationships across all areas of my life.  I learn't what I am entitled to and also how I need to respect this in others.”

“Pattern Changing has been the first and only intervention I've recieved where I have genuinely been helped and provided with strategies that will benefit me in every part of my life as a woman; relationships, family, work and friendships." 

"All I can say is the course is amazing, full of information and to see how much people changed over the weeks was unbelievable and how much people have grown in confidence."

The Cornish Guardian (April17,2013)