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Open Mentoring Service

Open Mentoring offers support to women who have offended, or women at risk of offending, through the Open Volunteer Mentoring programme. The service is available in Cornwall and Plymouth.

All Volunteer Mentors complete WRSAC’s 12 week gender specific, accredited, Volunteer Mentor Training Programme. Volunteer Mentors may have offended in the past themselves, some may have been at risk of offending or have had life experiences which have drawn them to this work. The training programme prepares Volunteer Mentors to work with the complex issues many women who have offended face.

Mentoring support is initially for a period of 6 months (with a review after that period). The relationship developed between mentor and mentee is unique; it offers the opportunity for longer term support provided by a consistent and trusted woman. The mentoring support provided is non-judgemental and is tailored to meet the needs of each individual.

To make a referral or apply for a mentor please contact Kerry by call or text on 07442499431 or by e-mail to