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Open Women’s Community Service

Open is a women centred service, providing holistic support to women in Devon and Cornwall who have committed offences and are involved in the Criminal Justice System.

Open delivers the Engage Women Specified Activity Order (EW SAR) which is a community sentence designed to meet the needs of women who offend and address the causes of their offending. Since February 2015 Open has been delivering the Women’s RAR (Rehabilitation Activity Requirement). The Women’s RAR usually consists of 8 one to one sessions tailored to address need across the following pathways; Accommodation, Health, Finance, benefit & debt, Drugs & alcohol, Children, families & relationships, Attitudes, thinking & behaviour, Education, training & employment, Domestic and/or sexual violence, Prostitution

Open provides non-judgmental, responsive and accessible services offering interventions which are tailored to meet the specific needs of women. The project is funded through Dorset, Devon and Cornwall Community Rehabilitation Company, employs six Independent Women’s Practitioners and aims to contribute towards the prevention and reduction of offending by providing a community-based provision for women.
Referrals are accepted from Dorset, Devon and Cornwall Community Rehabilitation Service and the National Probation Service.

Following assessment women are provided with one to one support to meet their needs and to address the causes of their offending including support with:
• housing
• levels of self-esteem
• attitudes to offending
• communication, relationships and parenting
• education, training and employment
• domestic abuse or sexual violence from our specialist workers
• accessing drug and alcohol services
• encouraging women to identify priorities for change
• benefit and debt advice
• prostitution

Support can be provided at times and venues to meet women’s needs. Group work is also offered and women have access to the services provided at WRSAC’s Women’s Centre.

Referrals can be made by contacting -

The Service Manager Monday to Thursday
Lizzie Matthews 07435752499 or 01208 76466

EW SAR & Women’s RAR notifications should be made via secure email –