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Social & Emotional Support

For the victims of sexual harassment, sexual abuse or rape the effects can be devastating and long lasting.  A traumatic event or exposure to long-term abuse can impact on your capability to lead a normal life - both emotionally and socially.  

Whilst the event itself, or the memory of the event, cannot be taken away, much of the suffering can be relieved with specialist help.   We appreciate that you are the only person who has experienced everything in your life - therefore you are the 'Expert'.  However, it is very difficult to look objectively at your emotional and social wellbeing when you are so personally linked...

At WRSAC it is our job to help you make sense of your life, resolve difficulties and make the changes that you have decided are worth changing.

We are able to offer support to any woman or teenage girl from 13 years upwards.

Do not hesitate to call our helpline 01208 77099 and speak to one of our Volunteer Support Workers and we can will put you in touch with our ISVA - Michelle who will help you talk through your options.

Alternatively you could call the Cornwall Sexual Assault Referral Centre (SARC) - The Willow Centre 01872 272059.