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Seeking Justice

The strength and bravery it takes to tell someone about your abuse is undeniable – The courage it takes to seek justice is simply immeasurable.

Too many abusers rely on the silence and fear of their victims to shield them from justice. They underestimate your power and strength.

The Government is committed to combating sexual offences, appalling crimes that devastate the lives of victims and their families and instill fear in our communities.

Independent Sexual Violence Advisors (ISVA's) are funded to ensure that your needs and safety is the top priority for all agencies throughout the Criminal Justice Process (Police, Crown Prosecution Service and Court) so that you can live without fear of future violence and access the services you need and deserve.

Across Government they are working to improve the investigation and prosecution of sex offences and want to send a strong message to perpetrators of these cowardly and sickening crimes that they will not be tolerated.

By improving the standard of care, information and support available to you, more people like you will have the confidence to come forward to report crimes and most importantly, have the support to work with criminal justice professionals to bring perpetrators to justice.

Contact Michelle our ISVA through our helpline on 01208 77099 or call The Willow Centre 01872 272059.

If you would like to know more about whether to report to the Police or not our ISVA will talk you through your options.  Whether you want to report to the Police or not our ISVA can provide you with lots of information to enable you to make an informed choice about what is best for you.