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I've just been raped

If you have been raped or sexually abused or are supporting someone else who has, you can contact WRSAC for help and information. It doesn't matter whether this happened recently or a long time ago. You can phone our helpline to speak to someone in confidence.

Sexual violence is what happens when someone does not consent to a sexual act. There are many different kinds of sexual violence from flashing and voyeurism to sexual assault and rape. It can happen to anyone – women, men, girls and boys. No one ever deserves or asks for it to happen.

If you have been a victim of rape, you may be experiencing a wide range of emotions and reactions that can be very upsetting. This is quite normal for someone who has been through such a traumatic experience. You may feel:

  • Shock and numbness
  • Shame and humiliation
  • Distress
  • Fear
  • Anger
  • Guilt and self- blame
  • Helplessness

While we appreciate that you have experienced a very traumatic event, it is very important that you give thought to the following considerations:

Social and Emotional Support

Whether to Report to Police

Evidence Gathering (i.e. Forensic Examination)

Sexual Health and Pregnancy

Criminal Justice Proceedings

Criminal Injuries Compensation