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International Women's Day

Together We Can End Male Violence Against Women and Girls


Holding up a mirror to the world about the truth of male violence against women in all its forms

On this International Women's Day we are calling all women to join together in a critical mass to say ENOUGH IS ENOUGH!

Why March?

A woman’s right to live free from abuse and / or the fear of abuse has not been achieved. Women continue to be attacked and violated in many different ways, in our homes, on our streets, on our public transport, at our places of work. The government, the TV and newspapers do very little to address this issue; instead they often blame women for wearing the wrong clothes or being in the wrong place.If you think this needs to change, then join us on a public demonstration to show those in power that it’s just not good enough! We need to show our mass dissatisfaction; we need to be strong together and in large numbers. Unity is strength; the voices of many are louder together than a single voice.

Together and united we are ending male violence against women and children.

If you want to see change for yourself, your children, your families, your communities then come out and say no to violence against women!

Why Women Only?

This march is open to all women and children. We have planned for the march to be women-only for a number of reasons.

Women and children in the UK and elsewhere around the world continue to experience violence every minute of every hour of every day in our homes, on our streets, on our public transport, at our places of work and in countries where there is war. The idea for this event stems from Reclaim the Night and Million Women Rise and from a group of women who dreamed of a strong visible presence of thousands of women marching together, in unity, to say ‘enough is enough’.

Women have been socially, culturally and economically conditioned to defer to men, to take our lead from men, to behave in ways approved of by men. On this particular day, we want women to come and feel the strength, the exhilaration and power of being with other women, to celebrate ourselves, to sing, shout and chant at the top of our voices, in all our diversity, to demonstrate however we want because we’re women in the company of other women.