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Aims and Objectives

WRSAC Aims: -

  • To relieve the distress of women and teenage girls who have experienced or are experiencing sexual abuse and sexual violence and/or domestic abuse and support all victims to access appropriate services.
  • To educate and raise awareness of these issues.
  • To train to a professional standard all those that will provide services that further the purposes of the organisation.

WRSAC will achieve these aims by:-

  • providing free confidential services for women and teenage girls, regardless of race, ethnicity, sexuality, age and other discriminatory factors, which includes telephone, one-to-one support group work, advocacy and counselling
  • providing a telephone support service for supporters/family of survivors
  • providing information and advice to other individuals and agencies
  • recruiting, training and supporting volunteers
  • providing high quality training, support, supervision and continuous professional development for all staff, volunteers and trustees
  • delivering training and talks to external agencies in the local community
  • monitoring and evaluating all service provision and policies on a continual basis involving the women who use our services, volunteers, staff and other agencies
  • identifying areas of unmet need and taking appropriate action
  • working with other individuals and agencies to further the aims of WRSAC
  • raising funds to meet the needs of the service
  • raising awareness about violence against women
  • actively challenging the values, beliefs and behaviour which contribute to women’s oppression.